Today they did their mock draft of 5 rounds. I have put it together in order for everyone. At the bottom of the list is all 5 of the Reds picks taken. This draft was done by users of his website and himself. Each person was assigned to 1 team and drafted accordingly.

1) Royals: Andrew Miller, LHP, North Carolina
2) Rockies: Brad Lincoln, RHP, Houston
3) Devil Rays: Tim Lincecum, RHP, Washington
4) Pirates: Greg Reynolds, RHP, Stanford
5) Mariners: Brandon Morrow, RHP, California
6) Tigers: Evan Longoria, 2B, Long Beach State
7) Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Texas HS
8) Reds: Luke Hochevar, RHP, Fort Worth Cats
9) Orioles: Jeremy Jeffress, RHP, Virginia HS
10) Giants: Kyle Drabek, RHP, Texas HS
11) Diamondbacks: Joba Chamberlain, RHP, Nebraska
12) Rangers: Max Scherzer, RHP, Missouri
13) Cubs: Bill Rowell, 3B, New Jersey HS
14) Blue Jays: Travis Snider, OF, Washington HS
15) Nationals: Pedro Beato, RHP, St. Petersburg JC
16) Brewers: Daniel Bard, RHP, North Carolina
17) Padres: Drew Stubbs, OF, Texas
18) Phillies: Chris Tillman, RHP, California HS
19) Marlins: Hank Conger, C, California HS
20) Twins: Brett Sinkbeil, RHP, Missouri State
21) Yankees: Matt Antonelli, 3B, Wake Forest
22) Nationals: David Huff, LHP, UCLA
23) Astros: Kyle McCulloch, RHP, Texas
24) Braves: Brett Anderson, LHP, Oklahoma HS
25) Angels: Chris Marrero, 3B, Florida HS
26) Dodgers: Jordan Walden, RHP, Texas HS
27) Red Sox: Colton Willems, RHP, Florida HS
28) Red Sox: Stephen King, SS, Florida HS
29) White Sox: Adrian Cardenas, INF, Florida HS
30) Cardinals: Chris Parmelee, OF, California HS
31) Dodgers: Kyler Burke, OF, Tennessee HS
32) Orioles: Lars Anderson, OF, California HS
33) Giants: Bryan Morris, RHP, Motlow CC
34) Diamondbacks: Ian Kennedy, RHP, USC
35) Padres: Cedric Hunter, OF, Georgia HS
36) Marlins: Matt LaPorta, 1B, Florida
37) Phillies: Max Sapp, C, Florida HS
38) Braves: Kasey Kiker, LHP, Alabama HS
39) Indians: Matt Latos, RHP, Florida HS
40) Red Sox: Jeffrey Locke, LHP, New Hampshire HS
41) Yankees: Mark Hamilton, 1B, Tulane
42) Cardinals: Jason Place, OF, South Carolina HS
43) Braves: Kris Johnson, LHP, Wichita State
44) Red Sox: Dellin Betances, RHP, New York HS
Second Round
45) Royals: Josh Butler, RHP, San Diego
46) Rockies: Dallas Buck, RHP, Oregon State
47) Devil Rays: Emmanuel Burriss, SS, Kent State
48) Pirates: Tyler Colvin, OF, Clemson
49) Mariners: Adam Ottavino, RHP, Northeastern
50) Tigers: Chad Tracy, C, Pepperdine
51) Braves: Kevin Mulvey, RHP, Villanova
52) Reds: Steven Wright, RHP, Hawaii
53) Padres: Chris Perez, RHP, Miami
54) Cardinals: Aaron Miller, OF-P, Texas HS
55) Diamondbacks: Justin Masterson, RHP, San Diego State
56) Indians: Brooks Brown, RHP, Georgia
57) Indians: Chris Archer, RHP, North Carolina HS
58) Orioles: Brandon Belt, LHP, Texas HS
59) Nationals: Alex White, RHP, North Carolina HS
60) Brewers: Jared Mitchell, OF, Louisiana HS
61) Padres: Andrew Oliver, LHP, Ohio HS
62) Mets: Jered Hughes, RHP, Long Beach State
63) Marlins: Wes Hodges, 3B, Georgia Tech
64) Twins: Derrick Robinson, OF, Florida HS
65) Phillies: Matt Sulentic, OF, Texas HS
66) Athletics: Milton Loo, 3B, Yavapai JC
67) Astros: Zach Britton, LHP, Texas HS
68) Braves: Mark Melancon, RHP, Arizona
69) Indians: Ryan Adams, INF, Louisiana HS
70) Nationals: Cody Johnson, 1B, Florida HS
71) Red Sox: Dustin Dickerson, 3B, Texas HS
72) Braves: Steve Evarts, LHP, Florida HS
73) White Sox: Cory Rasmus, RHP, Alabama HS
74) Cardinals: Sean Black, RHP, New Jersey HS
75) Indians: Tony Watson, LHP, Nebraska
76) Cardinals: Derrick Lutz, RHP, George Washington
Third Round
77) Royals: Zach McAllister, RHP, Illinois HS
78) Rockies: Devin Shepherd, OF, California HS
79) Devil Rays: Aaron Bates, 1B, NC State
80) Pirates: Andrew Carpenter, RHP, Long Beach State
81) Mariners: Wade Kapteyn, RHP, Illinois HS
82) Tigers: Tommy Pham, SS, Nevada HS
83) Red Sox: Caleb Clay, RHP, Alabama HS
84) Reds: Chris Coghlan, 3B, Mississippi
85) Orioles: Harold Monzingo, RHP, Virginia Commonwealth
86) Diamondbacks: Jeff Samardzija, RHP, Notre Dame
87) Diamondbacks: Ryan Morris, LHP, North Carolina HS
88) Rangers: Justin Reed, OF, Illinois HS
89) Giants: Wade LeBlanc, LHP, Alabama
90) Marlins: Jason Stoffel, RHP, California HS
91) Nationals: Chris Dupart, OF, Washington HS
92) Brewers: Justin Woodall, OF-LHP, Mississippi HS
93) Padres: Jeremy Barfield, OF, Texas HS
94) Mets: Carmine Giardina, LHP, Florida HS
95) Marlins: Clint Stubbs, OF, Georgia HS
96) Twins: Ryan Wherle, INF, Nebraska
97) Phillies: Robert Sobolewski, INF, Florida HS
98) Athletics: Matt Long, RHP, Miami-Ohio
99) Astros: Dylan Brown, OF, Florida HS
100) Braves: Chad Rogers, LHP, Ohio HS
101) Indians: Trevor Cahill, RHP, California HS
102) Angels: Zech Zinicola, RHP, Arizona State
103) Red Sox: Cole Gillespie, OF, Oregon State
104) Yankees: Jeff Manship, RHP, Notre Dame
105) White Sox: William Benson, C, Illinois HS
106) Cardinals: Jon Jay, OF, Miami
Fourth Round
107) Royals: Sergio Perez, RHP, University of Tampa
108) Rockies: Shawn Tolleson, RHP, Texas HS
109) Devil Rays: Matt McBride, C, Lehigh
110) Pirates: Shane Robinson, OF, Florida State
111) Mariners: Chad Lee, RHP, Barton Cnty CC
112) Tigers: Kyle Gibson, RHP, Indiana HS
113) Dodgers: Kevin Angelle, LHP, Texas HS
114) Reds: Jordan Newton, C, Western Kentucky
115) Orioles: Ryan Strieby, 1B, Kentucky
116) Giants: Brennan Boesch, OF, California
117) Diamondbacks: Marcus Lemon, OF, Florida HS
118) Rangers: Jordan Craft, RHP, Dallas Baptist
119) Twins: Scott Cousins, OF, San Francisco
120) Blue Jays: Chad Huffman, INF, TCU
121) Nationals: Josh Rodriguez, INF, Rice
122) Brewers: Torre Langley, C, Georgia HS
123) Padres: Martin Beno, RHP, Mississippi GC JC
124) Mets: John Shelby, 2B, Kentucky
125) Marlins: Preston Mattingly, INF, Indiana HS
126) Twins: Sean Watson, RHP, Tennessee
127) Phillies: Blair Erickson, RHP, UC Irvine
128) Athletics: Cyle Hankerd, OF, USC
129) Astros: Jason Jarvis, RHP, Arizona HS
130) Braves: Stephan Englund, SS, Washington HS
131) Indians: Adam Davis, 2B, University of Florida
132) Angels: Nate Culp, LHP, Missouri
133) Red Sox: Brian Jeroloman, C, Florida
134) Yankees: Jim Negrych, 2B, Pitt
135) White Sox: Charles Brewer, RHP, Arizona HS
136) Cardinals: Whit Robbins, 3B-1B, Georgia Tech
Fifth Round
137) Royals: Paul Coleman, LHP, Pepperdine
138) Rockies: Jason Donald, SS, Arizona
139) Devil Rays: Nick Fuller, RHP, Georgia HS
140) Pirates: Chad Robinson, RHP, Nevada HS
141) Mariners: Shawn Scobee, OF, Nevada
142) Tigers: Glenn Gibson, LHP, New York HS
143) Dodgers: Ryan Scott, OF, Louisiana HS
144) Reds: Craig Baker, RHP, Cal State Northridge
145) Orioles: Jason Brigham, RHP, Florida HS
146) Giants: Chris Valaika, SS, UC Santa Barbara
147) Diamondbacks: Russ Moldenhauer, 3B, Texas HS
148) Rangers: Garrett Olson, SS, Franklin Pierce
149) Cubs: Eddie Degerman, RHP, Rice
150) Blue Jays: Brad Furnish, LHP, TCU
151) Nationals: Ben Snyder, LHP, Ball State
152) Brewers: Tim Bascom, RHP, Central Florida
153) Padres: Jason Bennett, RHP, California HS
154) Mets: Shane Keough, OF, Mets
155) Marlins: Danny Almonte, LHP, New York HS
156) Twins: Mike Felix, LHP, Troy
157) Phillies: Andrew D'Allessio, 1B, Clemson
158) Athletics: Brad Mills, LHP, Arizona
159) Astros: Nathan Karns, RHP, Texas HS
160) Braves: Kyle Smith, RHP, Ohio HS
161) Indians: Stephen Holmes, RHP, Rhode Island
162) Angels: Quintin Berry, OF, San Diego State
163) Red Sox: Josh Morris, 1B, Georgia
164) Yankees: Jeff Inman, RHP, California HS
165) White Sox: Ryan Jackson, SS, Florida HS
166) Cardinals: Brandon Holden, RHP, Florida HS

You can check out the site at

In this mock draft the Reds took the following players:
Luke Hochevar, RHP, Fort Worth Cats
Steven Wright, RHP, Hawaii
Chris Coghlan, 3B, Mississippi
Jordan Newton, C, Western Kentucky
Craig Baker, RHP, Cal State Northridge

I personally would be thrilled if the Reds could get Hochevar. I just dont think he falls that far. Here is to hoping though.