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Thread: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

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    John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    Today they did their mock draft of 5 rounds. I have put it together in order for everyone. At the bottom of the list is all 5 of the Reds picks taken. This draft was done by users of his website and himself. Each person was assigned to 1 team and drafted accordingly.

    1) Royals: Andrew Miller, LHP, North Carolina
    2) Rockies: Brad Lincoln, RHP, Houston
    3) Devil Rays: Tim Lincecum, RHP, Washington
    4) Pirates: Greg Reynolds, RHP, Stanford
    5) Mariners: Brandon Morrow, RHP, California
    6) Tigers: Evan Longoria, 2B, Long Beach State
    7) Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw, LHP, Texas HS
    8) Reds: Luke Hochevar, RHP, Fort Worth Cats
    9) Orioles: Jeremy Jeffress, RHP, Virginia HS
    10) Giants: Kyle Drabek, RHP, Texas HS
    11) Diamondbacks: Joba Chamberlain, RHP, Nebraska
    12) Rangers: Max Scherzer, RHP, Missouri
    13) Cubs: Bill Rowell, 3B, New Jersey HS
    14) Blue Jays: Travis Snider, OF, Washington HS
    15) Nationals: Pedro Beato, RHP, St. Petersburg JC
    16) Brewers: Daniel Bard, RHP, North Carolina
    17) Padres: Drew Stubbs, OF, Texas
    18) Phillies: Chris Tillman, RHP, California HS
    19) Marlins: Hank Conger, C, California HS
    20) Twins: Brett Sinkbeil, RHP, Missouri State
    21) Yankees: Matt Antonelli, 3B, Wake Forest
    22) Nationals: David Huff, LHP, UCLA
    23) Astros: Kyle McCulloch, RHP, Texas
    24) Braves: Brett Anderson, LHP, Oklahoma HS
    25) Angels: Chris Marrero, 3B, Florida HS
    26) Dodgers: Jordan Walden, RHP, Texas HS
    27) Red Sox: Colton Willems, RHP, Florida HS
    28) Red Sox: Stephen King, SS, Florida HS
    29) White Sox: Adrian Cardenas, INF, Florida HS
    30) Cardinals: Chris Parmelee, OF, California HS
    31) Dodgers: Kyler Burke, OF, Tennessee HS
    32) Orioles: Lars Anderson, OF, California HS
    33) Giants: Bryan Morris, RHP, Motlow CC
    34) Diamondbacks: Ian Kennedy, RHP, USC
    35) Padres: Cedric Hunter, OF, Georgia HS
    36) Marlins: Matt LaPorta, 1B, Florida
    37) Phillies: Max Sapp, C, Florida HS
    38) Braves: Kasey Kiker, LHP, Alabama HS
    39) Indians: Matt Latos, RHP, Florida HS
    40) Red Sox: Jeffrey Locke, LHP, New Hampshire HS
    41) Yankees: Mark Hamilton, 1B, Tulane
    42) Cardinals: Jason Place, OF, South Carolina HS
    43) Braves: Kris Johnson, LHP, Wichita State
    44) Red Sox: Dellin Betances, RHP, New York HS
    Second Round
    45) Royals: Josh Butler, RHP, San Diego
    46) Rockies: Dallas Buck, RHP, Oregon State
    47) Devil Rays: Emmanuel Burriss, SS, Kent State
    48) Pirates: Tyler Colvin, OF, Clemson
    49) Mariners: Adam Ottavino, RHP, Northeastern
    50) Tigers: Chad Tracy, C, Pepperdine
    51) Braves: Kevin Mulvey, RHP, Villanova
    52) Reds: Steven Wright, RHP, Hawaii
    53) Padres: Chris Perez, RHP, Miami
    54) Cardinals: Aaron Miller, OF-P, Texas HS
    55) Diamondbacks: Justin Masterson, RHP, San Diego State
    56) Indians: Brooks Brown, RHP, Georgia
    57) Indians: Chris Archer, RHP, North Carolina HS
    58) Orioles: Brandon Belt, LHP, Texas HS
    59) Nationals: Alex White, RHP, North Carolina HS
    60) Brewers: Jared Mitchell, OF, Louisiana HS
    61) Padres: Andrew Oliver, LHP, Ohio HS
    62) Mets: Jered Hughes, RHP, Long Beach State
    63) Marlins: Wes Hodges, 3B, Georgia Tech
    64) Twins: Derrick Robinson, OF, Florida HS
    65) Phillies: Matt Sulentic, OF, Texas HS
    66) Athletics: Milton Loo, 3B, Yavapai JC
    67) Astros: Zach Britton, LHP, Texas HS
    68) Braves: Mark Melancon, RHP, Arizona
    69) Indians: Ryan Adams, INF, Louisiana HS
    70) Nationals: Cody Johnson, 1B, Florida HS
    71) Red Sox: Dustin Dickerson, 3B, Texas HS
    72) Braves: Steve Evarts, LHP, Florida HS
    73) White Sox: Cory Rasmus, RHP, Alabama HS
    74) Cardinals: Sean Black, RHP, New Jersey HS
    75) Indians: Tony Watson, LHP, Nebraska
    76) Cardinals: Derrick Lutz, RHP, George Washington
    Third Round
    77) Royals: Zach McAllister, RHP, Illinois HS
    78) Rockies: Devin Shepherd, OF, California HS
    79) Devil Rays: Aaron Bates, 1B, NC State
    80) Pirates: Andrew Carpenter, RHP, Long Beach State
    81) Mariners: Wade Kapteyn, RHP, Illinois HS
    82) Tigers: Tommy Pham, SS, Nevada HS
    83) Red Sox: Caleb Clay, RHP, Alabama HS
    84) Reds: Chris Coghlan, 3B, Mississippi
    85) Orioles: Harold Monzingo, RHP, Virginia Commonwealth
    86) Diamondbacks: Jeff Samardzija, RHP, Notre Dame
    87) Diamondbacks: Ryan Morris, LHP, North Carolina HS
    88) Rangers: Justin Reed, OF, Illinois HS
    89) Giants: Wade LeBlanc, LHP, Alabama
    90) Marlins: Jason Stoffel, RHP, California HS
    91) Nationals: Chris Dupart, OF, Washington HS
    92) Brewers: Justin Woodall, OF-LHP, Mississippi HS
    93) Padres: Jeremy Barfield, OF, Texas HS
    94) Mets: Carmine Giardina, LHP, Florida HS
    95) Marlins: Clint Stubbs, OF, Georgia HS
    96) Twins: Ryan Wherle, INF, Nebraska
    97) Phillies: Robert Sobolewski, INF, Florida HS
    98) Athletics: Matt Long, RHP, Miami-Ohio
    99) Astros: Dylan Brown, OF, Florida HS
    100) Braves: Chad Rogers, LHP, Ohio HS
    101) Indians: Trevor Cahill, RHP, California HS
    102) Angels: Zech Zinicola, RHP, Arizona State
    103) Red Sox: Cole Gillespie, OF, Oregon State
    104) Yankees: Jeff Manship, RHP, Notre Dame
    105) White Sox: William Benson, C, Illinois HS
    106) Cardinals: Jon Jay, OF, Miami
    Fourth Round
    107) Royals: Sergio Perez, RHP, University of Tampa
    108) Rockies: Shawn Tolleson, RHP, Texas HS
    109) Devil Rays: Matt McBride, C, Lehigh
    110) Pirates: Shane Robinson, OF, Florida State
    111) Mariners: Chad Lee, RHP, Barton Cnty CC
    112) Tigers: Kyle Gibson, RHP, Indiana HS
    113) Dodgers: Kevin Angelle, LHP, Texas HS
    114) Reds: Jordan Newton, C, Western Kentucky
    115) Orioles: Ryan Strieby, 1B, Kentucky
    116) Giants: Brennan Boesch, OF, California
    117) Diamondbacks: Marcus Lemon, OF, Florida HS
    118) Rangers: Jordan Craft, RHP, Dallas Baptist
    119) Twins: Scott Cousins, OF, San Francisco
    120) Blue Jays: Chad Huffman, INF, TCU
    121) Nationals: Josh Rodriguez, INF, Rice
    122) Brewers: Torre Langley, C, Georgia HS
    123) Padres: Martin Beno, RHP, Mississippi GC JC
    124) Mets: John Shelby, 2B, Kentucky
    125) Marlins: Preston Mattingly, INF, Indiana HS
    126) Twins: Sean Watson, RHP, Tennessee
    127) Phillies: Blair Erickson, RHP, UC Irvine
    128) Athletics: Cyle Hankerd, OF, USC
    129) Astros: Jason Jarvis, RHP, Arizona HS
    130) Braves: Stephan Englund, SS, Washington HS
    131) Indians: Adam Davis, 2B, University of Florida
    132) Angels: Nate Culp, LHP, Missouri
    133) Red Sox: Brian Jeroloman, C, Florida
    134) Yankees: Jim Negrych, 2B, Pitt
    135) White Sox: Charles Brewer, RHP, Arizona HS
    136) Cardinals: Whit Robbins, 3B-1B, Georgia Tech
    Fifth Round
    137) Royals: Paul Coleman, LHP, Pepperdine
    138) Rockies: Jason Donald, SS, Arizona
    139) Devil Rays: Nick Fuller, RHP, Georgia HS
    140) Pirates: Chad Robinson, RHP, Nevada HS
    141) Mariners: Shawn Scobee, OF, Nevada
    142) Tigers: Glenn Gibson, LHP, New York HS
    143) Dodgers: Ryan Scott, OF, Louisiana HS
    144) Reds: Craig Baker, RHP, Cal State Northridge
    145) Orioles: Jason Brigham, RHP, Florida HS
    146) Giants: Chris Valaika, SS, UC Santa Barbara
    147) Diamondbacks: Russ Moldenhauer, 3B, Texas HS
    148) Rangers: Garrett Olson, SS, Franklin Pierce
    149) Cubs: Eddie Degerman, RHP, Rice
    150) Blue Jays: Brad Furnish, LHP, TCU
    151) Nationals: Ben Snyder, LHP, Ball State
    152) Brewers: Tim Bascom, RHP, Central Florida
    153) Padres: Jason Bennett, RHP, California HS
    154) Mets: Shane Keough, OF, Mets
    155) Marlins: Danny Almonte, LHP, New York HS
    156) Twins: Mike Felix, LHP, Troy
    157) Phillies: Andrew D'Allessio, 1B, Clemson
    158) Athletics: Brad Mills, LHP, Arizona
    159) Astros: Nathan Karns, RHP, Texas HS
    160) Braves: Kyle Smith, RHP, Ohio HS
    161) Indians: Stephen Holmes, RHP, Rhode Island
    162) Angels: Quintin Berry, OF, San Diego State
    163) Red Sox: Josh Morris, 1B, Georgia
    164) Yankees: Jeff Inman, RHP, California HS
    165) White Sox: Ryan Jackson, SS, Florida HS
    166) Cardinals: Brandon Holden, RHP, Florida HS

    You can check out the site at www.minorleagueball.com

    In this mock draft the Reds took the following players:
    Luke Hochevar, RHP, Fort Worth Cats
    Steven Wright, RHP, Hawaii
    Chris Coghlan, 3B, Mississippi
    Jordan Newton, C, Western Kentucky
    Craig Baker, RHP, Cal State Northridge

    I personally would be thrilled if the Reds could get Hochevar. I just dont think he falls that far. Here is to hoping though.

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    i cant see Luke making it past seattle. they need the help and will spend the money

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by NewEraReds
    i cant see Luke making it past seattle. they need the help and will spend the money
    The only way I see it is if Lincecum is there and they go for the homer, but from I think I've read where they don't think that will happen, and they would still go for Hochevar.

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    Someone took Danny Almonte. Is that THE Danny Almonte?
    ". . . acquiring J. Blanton from Oakland for, apparently, Bailey/Cueto, Votto and a lesser prospect. I do it in a second . . . The Reds' equation this year is simple: Make Matt Belisle your #3 starter . . . trade for Blanton, win 85 or more, be in the mix all summer." - Paul Daugherty, Feb. 8, 2008

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    i agree, but i dont think they will do that, they good thing is though, if you change only that part of that mock, that leaves us morrow

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    Quote Originally Posted by cincinnati chili
    Someone took Danny Almonte. Is that THE Danny Almonte?
    him and his 100 year old wife, or however old she is

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    That is THE Danny Almonte. He is ranked somewhere between 125-200 in almost all scouting service prospects list. He however is an old senior, I believe he is 19 currently.

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    i wouldnt take him in the 10000000000000000000th round

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    28) Red Sox: Stephen King, SS, Florida HS

    i wouldnt take him in the 10000000000000000000th round
    IIRC, the whole Little League fiasco was his father's doing.

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    I will probably have to leave work early if they get Hochevar.

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    Hey, they have the A's taking Loo in the second round. :lol

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    No way Bowden passes up on Stubbs! Hey Oakland have fun signing that pick!
    "You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one."

    --Woody Hayes

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    Re: John Sickels and Minorleagueball.com Mock Draft

    4 0f the 5 picks I made are on this list
    , That alone makes me feeol like I did the Diamondbacks justice. If they all screw up I blame the farm directors for messing with my peronal Mona Lisa of a draft :notworthy
    2006 Redzone mock Draftee's- 1(st) Daniel Bard(redsox), 1(st sup)( Jordan Walden (Angels), 2(nd) rd.- Zach Britton(Orioles), 3(rd) Blair Erickson(Cardinals), 3(rd) Tim Norton( Yankees),(cuz its a Tim Hortons thing

    Pain heals. Chicks dig scars. Glory... lasts forever.

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