for the reds, now, before i get slammed I realize we have to earn it but geez. All they talk about on ESPN is the Yanks Red Sox and White Sox Tigers as the two premiere series this week, not one mention of the reds-cards. On baseball tonight they did an entire rundown of the NL central without the reds on it, didn't mention the brewers either but i don't care about them. On Mike and Mike they talked about the two important series this week being the aforementioned

Cards - "just opened up the race"
Astros - "need to right the ship and take advantage"
Cubs - "starting to get healthy and may have a shot"
Pirates - "are the out of it yet, likely but could make a run"

I mean seriously, we are 3 games out....... a sweep puts us in first place. You'd think with us winning 4 in a row, Albert on the DL would make for more attention, guess not oh well, time to put it on the cards and earn it baby.