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His "boogeyman in the closet" was he was emotional on the mound, had a bad car wreck that no one has said involved or did not involve alcohol and he USED to have a big party problem, but apparently that hasnt been a problem since his junior year.
As for Ankiel, his talent was never in question it was just all in his head. The Reds wont take Drabek, but I know I would like them to.
Yea, I read the article on him once some of the details got out. However, all of the scouting reports deal with the non-baseball issues more than the question of "is this kid a Josh Beckett/Kerry Wood type talent or is he just a very good HS pitcher?"

If he's a Beckett/Woods, then I would consider drafting him. If he's just a very good HS pitcher, then I prefer a more advanced arm like Lincecum. If he's a BJ Upton talent at SS, then I would consider drafting him for that purpose, too. If he's a "might need to move to 3B or OF" type, then I prefer an advanced arm.