everyone loves Kazmir, so I figured i would compare the 2 in High A. will be easier once Bailey starts the same amount of games, but here goes

Kazmir - 19yo/20yo - over 2 years(7gs,11gs)
2-4, 18gs, 83ip, 78h, 35r, 31er, 3hr, 38bb, 91so

Bailey - 19yo/20yo - just turned 20
3-5, 12gs, 63.2ip, 46h, 34r, 25er, 6hr, 22bb, 71so

bailey has given up way to many unearned runs(more than kazmir) and more hr. and has a slightly higher era as we will see. but is superior in just about every category, including all the stud ones, whip, so/9ip, so/bb, h/9ip. i will bold the number for the guy who is better

Kazmir - 3.36era, 1.40whip, 8.45h/9ip, 4.12bb/9ip, 9.87so/9ip, 2.4so/bb, .33hr/9ip, 4.11ip/start

Bailey - 3.53era, 1.07whip, 6.50h/9ip, 3.11bb/9ip, 10.04so/9ip, 3.23so/bb, .85hr/9ip, 5.31ip/start

Bailey is looking good. more innings pitched per start, and better "STUD" numbers. at the same level, at the same age, in the same league