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I don't mind a position play either, but not an outfielder. 2 of our top prospects (Bruce and Deno) are outfielders, and Dunn and Kearns are both only 26.
You can always trade an impact position player for pitching though. Bowden made the comment that when Piazza was traded to the Mets that the 3 arms that Florida got in return would've easily been 1st round picks if they were in the draft.

Last year, it was reported that DanO could've gotten Cliff Lee for Kearns. We got Arroyo for Pena... That's why I firmly believe that the draft should be used to maximize talent regardless of position. If the first 5 picks of the Reds are OF, that's ok, IMO, as long as those guys were the best player available. Of course, that assumes the Reds have good talent evaluation guys, which hopefully they do.