I know there are quite a few Golf fanatics that prowl the boards.

Got as a gift today a brand spanking new driver, a King Cobra 460cc F-Speed 10.5 degree Driver.

I've long been a proponent of using my 3 wood off the tee, mainly because my previous driver, a late 90's Ping Si, had an uncanny knack for locating the middle of the fairway to our immediate right. However, I could always hit my 3 wood long and straight, so I checked my ego and my scores kept dropping.

But I was eyeballing my Dad's new Cobra Driver a few weeks ago when we went out, and he let me try it on the 18th hole where I was able to drive it 280 off the tee box, easily my longest yet, and I was doing cartwheels. So it was an awesome surprise gift.

Took it out and smacked some this afternoon and I have to say I'm a huge, huge fan.

Anyone else getting any new golf toys of late?