Most of you remember the situation. In 1999, the Reds were contending and in desperate need of an upgrade for their rotation. They traded prospects B.J. Ryan and Jacobo Sequea to Baltimore for Juan Guzman. The Reds new starter went 6-3, with a 3.03 ERA in 12 starts. The Reds went right down to the wire and ended up tied for first in the wild card race. (Memory seems to fail me after that) So, that was the last real hurrah for the team from Cincy.

Guzman signed after the season with the d-Rays, pitched a few games, and then was out of baseball with arm miseries. I'm not sure what happened to Sequea, though he might be in the National's system. Ryan has become a lights out closer for the Blue Jays.

Here are Ryan's stats:

Did the Reds make a mistake in 1999? Would you do the same type of trade today?

Notice, the Orioles really had Ryan for his growing pain years and two very good seasons. He priced himself out of that town when he became a free agent. Would Cincy have had the same problem?