A few years ago we were at Kenwood Towne Center after going to see the Reds and Cards play a game. We were with my wife's sister from Missouri and her son and husband. My son, then about 14-15 years old, saw Albert Pujols, Wily Mo Pena and another player (maybe Juan Castro). He told his 7 year old cousin (from Missouri) he'd go ask for Pujols autograph. Pujols politely declined, not wanting to get have a mob scene, but still shook my son's hand and was really friendly.

My son said Wily Mo had the biggest hands he'd ever seen.

I once played in a softball game against Chico Cardenas, the Reds shortstop when I was a kid. I hit a ball right by him (granted he was probably in his 60's, but hey, why sweat the details?). When I got on second, he said, "Good hit, man". Wow. He signed my kids' gloves and I told him them he was Barry Larkin when Larkin was in diapers.

We lived across the street from Roger Staubach's then girlfriend, later his wife. In fact, she and her sister were our babysitters and Roger and his girlfriend watched us after prom when my folks went to the hospital for my first sister to be born (1959). In the early 70's my younger cousin (who later went on to briefly be a DJ at 101.9 - Andy Craig) was a big Staubach fan, so I sent him a football card and asked him to autograph it for him. He sent the card back along with a signed 8 X 10 photo.

Last one, Michael Tucker tossed me a baseball after warm ups. I even had a glove and it bounced off the glove behind the wall. Tucker just shook his head and laughed. My family's never let me live it down.