Current earned run averages from some of the middle relief guys show

J. Mays @ 1.29
E. Yan @ 3.52
R. White @ 4.36 (just over his most recent 10 1/3 innings, that is).

I like the way Mays' fastball moves away from the lefty hitters, and so far he seems able to command his breaking pitch (slider?).

Each guy has been getting something other than his fastball in the zone, sorta kinda, almost like Arroyo and last night's Sox pitcher, Freddie Garcia. It even looks like White has been mixing in more two-seamers and even a changeup.

"I threw a lot of strikes, had a good change-up and a good slider," Garcia said after Friday's game. "That's the way I should pitch. My last three or four starts, I tried to throw hard. That doesn't work for me."

I wish more of the staff would take lessons from Arroyo and Garcia.