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Thread: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

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    John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    I'm glad this guy isn't in charge of things.

    Which jersey fits better?

    Calling up a pitching gem like Bailey still very tempting

    The Reds, despite the fact that they led the National League wild-card race going into Saturday, seem to be a team in need of a boost.

    They're a week removed from an eight-game winning streak, but the homestand that could have solidified their position as a contender has been a massive flop.

    Fans want something done. They want to trade Jason LaRue. They want to trade Adam Dunn. They want to move Felipe Lopez to third. They want to move Edwin Encarnacion to first.

    But today we present an option that undoubtedly will reap benefits and doesn't involve the cooperation of another team or someone learning a new position:

    Bring up Homer Bailey.

    Bailey, the Reds' No. 1 prospect, is pitching at Single-A Sarasota. He's likely to get bumped to Double-A in a few weeks.

    Bailey's a starter - the Reds' best hope to become the No. 1 starter who has been missing since Jose Rijo's elbow went bad.

    But you wouldn't bring up Bailey to start. Put him in the bullpen. Pitch him in the seventh and eighth innings.

    You'd have to put rules on the way you use him. Never let him pitch two days in a row.

    Bailey's stuff is major-league caliber right now. His fastball tops out at 97 mph and is consistently 95-96 mph.

    Remember what the Reds said when they traded for Esteban Yan: He throws in the mid-90s. He gives us a different look out of the bullpen.

    Bailey throws harder than Yan and has better stuff across the board.

    The Reds are taking the patient approach with Bailey, which is admirable.

    If the Reds didn't have a chance to make the playoffs this year, it would be silly to rush him along. But when small-market teams are in a position to contend into late summer, they've got to tweak their plans.

    The Reds have brought up a young prospect to help the club before. In 1970, Don Gullett, then 19, broke camp with the club.

    Gullett pitched in 44 games that year. He started two, saved six and pitched a total of 77 innings.

    Gullett went on to be a No. 1 starter. His career ended prematurely. But his problems had more to do with throwing 217 innings at 20 years old than throwing 77 innings as a 19-year-old.

    One of the reasons for the Detroit Tigers' success has been the pushing along of some of the young arms in their system. Manager Jim Leyland told Sports Illustrated that if they're throwing 96, 97 in Lakeland, they can throw 96, 97 in Detroit.

    All that said, I don't think you'll see Bailey up with the Reds this year.

    When I asked general manager Wayne Krivsky about David Shafer, the 24-year-old who's 21-for-21 in saves at Double-A Chattanooga, he said, "He's put himself in line for a promotion."

    But Krivsky was talking about Triple-A Louisville, not Cincinnati.

    Krivsky says he would have players skip levels only in very rare cases.

    But the Reds are coming upon a critical period. This is when the 2002 and 2004 teams disappeared from the race.

    Reds CEO Bob Castellini fancies himself a fan. He also admits he's not a patient man.

    Your typical impatient Reds fan was ready to tear up the roster by the time the Reds' losing streak hit five last week.

    Krivsky says he hasn't gotten any mandate from Castellini to shake up things.

    "He wants us to do things that make sense," Krivsky said.

    And to Krivsky and his people, moving Bailey up two levels doesn't make sense.

    We see the logic in that.

    But say Bailey was in another organization, or say he was 24 instead of 20 and had three years in the minors instead of one, his arm is just the kind the Reds would love to have for their bullpen.

    Krivsky does not tip his hand. But you have to think he's trying to pull off something bigger than the Juan Castro-for-Brandon Roberts trade.

    But when asked about pitchers in the minors Friday, he mentioned Jason Standridge, Ryan Wagner, Mike Burns, Brad

    Salmon and Mike Venafro.

    Not Homer Bailey.

    E-mail jfay@enquirer.com

    I miss Adam Dunn.

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    Worst thing the Reds could do. All you have to do is look at Ryan Wagner and ask why do it?
    If you think small, you'll go nowhere in life.

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    One word: Dumb.

    Fay's HOF credentials != smarts

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    Fay is an idiot
    "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
    ~ Mark Twain

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    Quote Originally Posted by RFS62
    Fay is an idiot
    What he said.

    Homer has looked pretty good this year, but not spectacular, yet some people like Fay keep talking like the guy is mowing down minor leaguers and is looking like Josh Beckett did in the minors. Homer would get slaughtered at the major league level right now.
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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    John Fay needs to look at what Nate Robertson and company did when they were first called up 3 years ago...
    Games are won on run differential -- scoring more than your opponent. Runs are runs, scored or prevented they all count the same. Worry about scoring more and allowing fewer, not which positions contribute to which side of the equation or how "consistent" you are at your current level of performance.

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    Gullett came up at a similar age and had his career cut short by injury, but never mind that.

    Krivsky only wants guys to move up one level at a time, but Homer would only be moving up two of them (it's actually three), but never mind that.

    Bringing up Homer means no one has to change positions, although he'd go from being a starter to being a reliever, but never mind that.

    Detroit is doing it with young guys who by the way lost 20+ games when they came up, but never mind that (especially since this is supposed to be a win-now move).

    The move would make a lot more sense if Homer were 24 or had three years of minor league experience, which is exactly why no one wants to make this move, but never mind that.

    John Fay has been taking Lonnie Wheeler pills.

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    They want to trade Adam Dunn. They want to move Felipe Lopez to third. They want to move Edwin Encarnacion to first.
    If by "they" he means Marty, he would be right.

    You dont take the chance of destroying a potential #1 or #2 starter for a half season as a set up man.

    If the Reds truly remain in the race, then you trade for your set up guy.
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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    No no no no no. I agree - Fay is an idiot if he thinks this is what the Reds should do.

    Homer needs developmental time. He's showing flashes of being able to dominate consistently. Don't don't don't rush him. He's got the highest ceiling we've seen from a starting pitcher in our minor leagues in several years.

    I'm trusting Krivsky will handle him correctly.

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    I would promote Homer Bailey, but not to the big leagues.

    However, I WOULD bring up some guys from AA (and AAA) who seem to be getting the job done down there.
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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    John Fay has been taking Lonnie Wheeler pills
    Please! John Fay couldn't hold Lonnie Wheeler's pen (or typewriter).

    I found this column unbelievably ignorant. If the hallmark of the Krivsky's hopefully long reign with the Reds is patience, we will be a far better team for it.

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    Rushing Bailey would be a huge mistake. This team wasn't expect to contend and has huge holes in defense and the bullpen, using Bailey now will not solve any of those issues, and could crush the kid forever if he gets rocked while here.

    Leave Homer alone and fix the real issues right now.

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    Fans want something done. They want to trade Jason LaRue. They want to trade Adam Dunn. They want to move Felipe Lopez to third. They want to move Edwin Encarnacion to first.
    Then by all means throw them some fresh meat.

    Gabe Paul called up Claude Osteen and Dave Skaugstad in 1957, anything is possible and many things are ridiculous and moronic.

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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    As a fan, aren't we glad we are actually talking about bringing up a pitching stud to help our team stay IN CONTENTION!!!!.

    I do not think we bring Bailey up at this point. We are not in need of a starting pitcher. To bring Bailey up and place him under major pressure of our bullpen would be a bad idea.

    His time will come to be in the rotation and relax and enjoy the moment.

    We need bullpen help and needed it yesterday. We are going to have to realized somebody on this team is going to be traded to get that. It might be Dunn, it might be Freel, it might be LaRue, but if we want this team to win, we have to look at the fact it takes 25 players to win and we are not getting that production.

    Bailey is the future of this rotation and we have to realize that. The future is not right now. This team is in contention and to stay there we will have to give up something to stay there. Rushing a young prospect is not the answer.

    I give praise to Kriv for looking at the we will not promote players from AA or A ball. Make them work through the system.
    Taylor High School
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    Re: John Fay suggests calling up Homer Bailey

    Why rush the kid now and risk screwing him up in the long term in a panic move to adress a short term problem? Are there other people in the orginization that should be considered for moving them from A to AA or AA to AAA? Sure, of course. But I think The Kriv is a long-term thinker in addition to trying to field a competitive team in the now. To squander those long-term assets would be totally irresponsible.
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