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Or how about not approving owners like Huizenga or Loria? The Marlins could well have had better attendance and maybe a new stadium if they had leadership at the top who worked with their community rather than hold the team for ransom.
Well, if not for Huizenga, it probably would have been Tampa getting the team in 1993 instead of Miami. Whether that would have been better or worse for baseball is an open question.

And maybe my sense of history is incomplete, but when it was time to award the expansion franchises, I don't think anyone could have seen it coming as it did. Not that it's unusual for an owner to try his hand at having the public pay for a new ballpark, but an expansion team? Right away? When the team owner already owns the yard, too? And not just that, but throwing a temper tantrum and dismantling a good team (and a profitable one for Huizenga, looking at all baseball revenue, not just what ended up on the Marlins' books).