Screw all those hippy "this is baseballs last chance with me" punks. If you dont come back and watch after a strike, you dont love baseball. Anyone who has ever worked in a union shop can relate to this. Unions, Labor agreements, and strikes are part of our society, and baseball is included. Do you think you are going to teach these billionaire owners and Millionaire players a lesson by not coming to their games? NO. these people are set for life no matter what happens. They dont care. If you shut baseball out of your life over something like this, then that is your loss. In fact, I hope that those people who say they will never watch baseball again, stick to their guns. They are the fans that go to games because "everybody else is doing it". These "trendy" fans that like to buy season tickets in the lower level to impress clients/dates/whatever. Prime example - I went to my first ever game in cleveland last year. This was still during the streak of sellout games they had. I have never been so angry at random people in my life. all the people that buy seats and just sit out in the aisles and watch the game on TV while smoking and talking on their cellphones, And the worst, A family that sat in front of us that had the husband, wife, and three kids, the husband watched the game, but the wife and kids sat there and watched some stupid disney movie on a portable DVD player. WHAT IS THE POINT? STAY AT HOME AND WATCH DVDS WITH YOUR SPOILED BRATS! LET TRUE FANS THAT DONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY RIDICULOUS SCALPERS SIT IN YOUR SEATS.
Anyway, I got way off the subject.... My point is, If you dont wanna forgive baseball for having disagreements over something that doesnt even concern you, Then I hope to never see you at the ballpark again. AND THAT INCLUDES PLAYOFF GAMES YOU FAIRWEATHER FREAKS!
Marty made a good comment the other night during the rain delay. Someone called in and asked him whose side he took on this matter, marty said he doesnt care, he doesnt think that he should be one to say how someone else should spend THEIR money.
Come on people lets not use this as a reason to *****. Its not like our income tax is going into the owners or players pockets. No one is forcing you to pay these people. these owners are businessmen, they can do whatever they want with their money/assets (i.e. art modell and the browns/ravens) It just so happens that some of us have a love affair with this great game, and people like me dont mind spending some cash to go to the ballpark, no matter what the situation. There are no bad guys in this situation. The players are paid because the owners can pay them that much, and the owners have a right to do whatever they want with their money. If you stop going to games, the owners arent going to make money, meaning they cant pay players, meaning the owners will be seeking a change or seek to get out of the business as a whole. Then what do we have? Cincinnati with no baseball? The United States of America with no baseball? Do you really want to see that? What is that going to prove? Who will be "learning their lesson"? Ignorant baseball follwers, Please dont ruin it for us who enjoy baseball. Wihout baseball, what are we supposed to do with our summers? watch.... MLS??? .....please.