where are these millionaire players going to go play?!?!?!

let's see, there has been an influx of players coming over from japan, do you think they do that for what? OH MONEY.
and players who have left the states to play in japan tend to come back.

so, that leaves us with where? oh the dominican. there's a ton of money to be made in baseball there. it's a POVERTY stricken country. there are players defecting from the country to come play ball in the united states.

cuba? yeah, castro is all for paying ball players incredible money to play.
where oh where will they go?

oh, the real job life. 8-5 monday thru friday.

unless of course you are assuming that most players play for the love of the game, not the paycheck. and i hate to burst your bubble, but i'm thinking that's not the case.

i believe a lot of people feel this way out of principle. it took a lot for baseball to recover from 94, which it hasn't completely done. i don't think they've got that magic wand lying around again.