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Thread: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

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    Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    One thing that I love is going to ballparks in other cities to mingle with the local fans and compare their park/venue with what we're used to in Cinti.

    Take a minute to brag about the towns/parks you've been to and some experiences you've had.

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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    Miller Park in Milwaukee is actually really nice. Not sure what kind or rep it gets, but I've had a great time every time I've gone there. Much more of a cohesive feel than GAB, although I like that place, too (save the gaudy smokestacks).
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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    I should hopefully get to my first game here in Phoenix, AZ at Chase Field sometime in the next week, a full review will follow.

    As for ones I have been to:
    1.) Jacobs Field
    2.) PNC Park
    3.) Comerica Park
    4.) Skydome (tour, not a game)
    5.) Fenway (tour, not a game)

    Of the ones I've been to Comerica is probably my favorite. The fans there were great and I loved all the variety they had to offer in food, entertainment, and seating. All around great atmosphere and a Montgomery Inn out in centerfield to boot.

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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    I went to Miller last April and saw the Reds get clobbered by about 14 runs. I wasn't that crazy about the park but I did like the food and service. You didn't miss much of the game getting something to eat in Milwaukee, that's for sure.

    As for Milwaukee the city, it's a very nice town and the public transportation was good too. I stayed at the Holiday Inn (airport) and had no trouble at all getting to the game, Bradley center (for a minor league hockey playoff game between the Adimirals and Cinti Ducks) and then back to the Inn.

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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    SBC or ATT or PAC Bell or whatever they're calling it now in San Fran is freakin awesome. I know people say that PNC is the best, but I seriously can't see how there could be a better baseball experience than Pac bell. I was there to see the Reds last 4th of July. A sunny, drunken day. A nice breeze comes off of the bay, sailboats all over place, freindly fans of the opposing team. Griffey and Wily Mo hit homers if I recall, the Lizard out-pitched Kurt Reuter for a Reds win. Afterwards I went to the Cheesecake Factory and found the most of the Reds at the bar. All very cordial and having a blast. The only one that wasn't chatty was Valentin, who was more focused on a huge steak than I've ever seen anyone focused on anything before. Hell of a good weekend.

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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    Tiger Stadium, Old Commiskey, New Commisky, Dodger Stadium, Three Rivers Stadium, Kauffman Stadium, County Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park, Wrigley Field, Turner Field, Camden Yard, Busch Stadium (old), Municipal Stadium, and Jacobs Field (and of course the two Cincinnati parks).

    Wrigley is my favorite of the bunch. Jacobs is my favorite of the "new" parks. Old Commiskey and Tiger were tied for the biggest dumps (though it was fun to watch a game in those old spots). Come to think of it, all things considered Riverfront Stadium is probably the worst MLB park I've ever been to.

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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    GABP is an awesome ballpark
    minute maid is pretty sweet
    old busch had the good ole cinergy feel too it
    riverfront was nice, lots of good memories
    ballpark in arlington is a really good social even ballpark. just to go watch some baseball, its really nice.
    dayton park is really nice, although too crowded for my taste (i was squashed)
    the indianapolis triple-a park is a really good ballpark to go watch a minor league game at. the lawn seating is really awesome.

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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    You got me beat

    Yankee stadium was one of my favorites. I sat in the rightfield stands on a sat afternoon, and the fans were relentless. Kids, moms, priests, everyone was ripping on the mariners right fielder (1996) and in all the ballparks I've been to, nothing compares to the nastiness of the bronx, and their fans.

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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    Riverfront/Cinergy- great memories, but dilapidated at the end
    Pac Bell- unreal, best ballpark I have been to, down to the food and all
    Qualcomm (San Diego)- run of the mill old school donut, a little better than the Eastern versions but not much
    Wrigley- It was everything they say. Had a great time. Even saw a win where Jason LaRue hit 2 HR!
    Dayton 5/3 Field- Great minor league park. It has all the bells and whistle that a top minor league park should have
    Columbus (Cooper Stadium)- Just awful. In a bad part of town and just a bad place to watch a game.
    GABP- I love the new park. It may have some little problems, small concourses etc.., but I think it is a stadium we can be proud of.
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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    Parks I have been to:

    Old Cleveland Muni
    Jacobs Field
    New Busch
    Dolphins Stadium
    Yankee Stadium

    I really liked the new Busch in St. Louis. I didn't like the fact that I had to be there on a day when Dave Williams was pitching for the Reds.

    Yankee Stadium was pretty fun. The bleacher creatures, as they are called, out in right field do a "roll call" where they chant the players name until said player acknowledges (sp?) them. I thought that was pretty cool. There were more people there watching BP then I had seen in a long time. Monument park was fun as well, your right down there before the game and the let you stand right behind the fence during BP etc. There is quite a few "team shops" outside the stadium. They had this T-Shirt that I almost purchased that said "Hey Boston, there was no curse, your team just sucked for 86 years". However, I felt that would make me look like a Yankee fan if I wore it so I didn't buy it. Now if they came up with one like that for the Cubs, then I would be all over it. Then again, people would probably think I am a Cardinal fan.
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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    It is about time for the yearly ballpark countdown, along with the obligatory Gold Star vs. Skyline thread (which someone always hijacks and says Empress )

    Anyway - besides the GABP & Riverfront - Major league wise I have been to Wrigley, Miller, Comiskey II, Tiger & Comerica, Municipal & Jacobs, PNC, Yankee & Shea.

    Minor Leagues - Dayton, Columbus, Toledo (old), Akron, Indianapolis (old & new), Greenville, SC, Asheville NC, Louisville (old), and Richmond, IN.

    I think that's it, but it's early and the coffee hasn't kicked in.
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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    Parks I've been to: Riverfront, Old Busch, Tiger, Old Comisky, New Comisky, Wrigley, Milwaukee County, 3 Rivers, Veterans, Mile High, Memorial (Baltimore), Cleveland Municipal, Jacobs, GABP, Fenway, PNC.

    Minor leages: Columbus, Toledo (old and new), Louisville (old and new), Thrurman Munson (Canton), Lexington, Savannah GA, Colorado Springs, Dayton, Richmond, Chillicothe, Indianapolis, Old Chattanooga, Old Knoxville, Nashville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Old Durham, Charlotte.

    College parks: Dayton, Xavier, Miami, Wright State, Cincinnati, Ohio St., Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Miss St., LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Alabama, Auburn, Texas, Belmont, Lipscomb, Western KY, some more I can't remember for sure... and Rosenblatt

    Fav major league: Fenway
    Fav minor league: Dayton
    Least fav major: Cleveland Municipal
    Least fav minor league: Old Toledo
    Fav college: Miss St.
    Least fav college: Kentucky
    Fav anywhere: Rosenblatt.

    I keep thinking of new ones and adding them.
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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    I had some nice times in Wrigely field, but if you ever get the chance to go see the lookouts. Go.

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    Re: Ballparks you've been to... and experiences

    This is an intresting topic for me. My goal in life is to visit a ball park in every major league city. These are the ones I have been to so far. I am not jokeing that so far my favorite was Tropicana. I honestly was not all the impressed with wrigley field. I have been there several differnt times. I hated Pro player stadium. This summer I plan to visit Turner field and also the new Bush field. I am only 21 and I think I am well on my way to my goal.

    1) Tropicana
    2) Jacobs Field
    3) GABP
    4) Wrigley
    5) Old Bush
    6) Camden Yards
    7) Riverfront
    8) Pro Player Stadium

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