After watching interleague play and the Reds favorable results against some of the top teams in the NL (Mets, Cards) I'm convinced that it won't take much (couple solid relievers) to make the playoffs in the current NL landscape. With the NL West teams beating up on each other it should make the wildcard within our reach if the Cards get hot. But, my question is, should we be happy with making the playoffs in a down year for the NL or should we aim higher? I'd love to have something to be excited about in October but we're a long way from being a World Series contender. In fact, it seems to be a reach to imagine any NL team beating the White Sox, Tigers, Red Sox, or Yankees, the AL certainly seems to be far superior. So, do we aim for the wild card or hope Krivsky makes some major trades (which would probably mean Homer) to put us in serious contention?