Okay... I've decided to walk on the thin-ice known as the importance/non-importance of the strikeout.

Some do not like certain players (no names, please) b/c they strikeout too much. Some do not like it when the REDS strikeout too much as a team. Some say the strikeout is just another way of making an out like a popup, a groundout, a flyball, etc.

2006 REDS
Strikeout More Than Oppo. In Game: 24-16 (.600)
Strikeout Less Than Oppo. In Game: 13-16 (.448)
Strikeout Same as the Oppo. In Game: 4-3 (.571)

Just another "freaky stat" by a team known for bucking stat trends (see their run diff. compared to their record right now)? Or is it true that the strikeout might be an overrated stat?

Should I, as a die-hard REDS fan, hope the REDS strikeout more than their opponent... b/c they will have a much better chance of winning if they do and are more than likely to lose if they don't?