Yep, everything David Damiani says is gospel. Isn't he in the writer's wing of the HOF?

Seriously though, if the pro-Dunn faction of RZ wants the anti-Dunn faction to "stop bashing Dunn", then threads like this should be controlled as well. It cracks me up when someone posts something about Dunn and OBP, everyone starts glowing with pride like their child brought home a report card with straight As. Then someone crashes the Dunn lovefest and posts something regarding BA. Pandemonium ensues.

So the question is, why can everyone beat the dead horse on Adam Dunn's great OBP? I think I have heard enough on how great Dunn's OBP is. Thanks...he walks a lot. I think the board gets the picture.

Now for those of you pro-Dunners who thought I was being rude and a jerk in that last statement, I was just trying to let you see what it is like on the other side of the debate.

Thanks, and now back to our regularly scheduled OBP programming.