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Thread: Why do you love baseball?

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    Re: Why do you love baseball?

    A George Foster home run

    The hustle and love for the game of players like Cobb and Rose

    Everything Casey

    How I felt after 30+ years of listening to Reds baseball on the radio and watching Reds baseball on TV, to actually walk into Riverfront for the first time and see where my heroes had played

    Jr's inside the park home run against the Cards and Larkin breaking his Grand Slam-less streak

    Watching how fast Bret Boone got rid of the ball on a DP

    Watching Griffey Sr. run to 1st

    Davey going into the hole and making a 1-hop throw to 1st

    Watching Morgan take a lead off 1st

    Endless hours in the backyard on hot summer days, writing Rose 14 on the back of an old t-shirt, crouching and trying to hit to all fields

    Enjoying my wife's love of Reds baseball

    Reading voraciously as a kid about Ruth, Gehrig, Cobb, Mathewson, Johnson

    Reds vs. Orioles, me vs. my brother since the early 70's

    Sandy Koufax

    Willie Mays
    More often than not, when someone is telling me a story all I can think about is that I can't wait for them to finish so that I can tell my own story that's not only better, but also more directly involves me.

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    Re: Why do you love baseball?

    For me, in addition to what has already been cited:

    No clock, therefore no need for stupid 'ball control' or running out the clock. Everyone has to play honest - to win, you still have to get that 3rd out.

    Not having to worry about a great play being called back due to a penalty, or having to wait for the officials to sort out the infractions. If there's one thing I hate about football, its cheering a touchdown only to see a flag on the play 'bring it back'. In baseball, its either fair or foul, safe or out.

    Henry Aaron - He's the reason I became hooked on baseball as a child.

    1976 Reds - I attended my first and only MLB game in late July of '76, and witnessed the Giants beat the Reds at Riverfront Stadium. But seeing Rose, Bench, Perez, Morgan et al. was a genuine thrill for this young lad. I've been a Reds fan ever since.

    And I will be able to enjoy some of those memories now that my 1975 WS DVD set arrived this week. Here's hoping they do something similar for the 1990 WS as well and that the Reds will make some noise in the post season this year.

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    Re: Why do you love baseball?

    The field. Just look at a nice one, the great short cut grass like a fairway, the dirt groomed perfectly.

    The sounds.

    I work for a college team around here and when I am on the field say during BP or infield, I could not ask to be anywhere else. Being on the field with a glove on your hand and just tossing a baseball to someone else, hearing the glove pop, is just unbelievable to me. I think my number one reason though is because of the care free environment. I am so lucky to have a good homelife and everything else I could ask for, but the care free time on the field is just unexplainable.

    What's the number one thing I care about at batting practice?: Do I have enough seads in my pocket to last the BP session. Just a feeling unlike any other, especially fields that are in nature areas (not on a highway). It can be so quiet that you can hear the seams spinning on every toss.

    I love the sounds that wooden bats make. When they strike a ball well, or even in the dugout when they rattle against each other sounds cool.

    Seads or dipping. I don't dip, but it is the one place in the United States where it is widely socially acceptable on someone elses property, whether you are playing in New York, San Fran, or Tennessee, you might see more than half the players dipping.

    I also love the idea that 100 years ago, people were playing almost the exact same game! That is unbelievable to me. The ball and the bat are almost still the same, gloves have evolved a little bit. Same dimensions, and outdoors! Not inside on fake ice, no easy points on dunks or the added 3-point line, no extra padding like in football that wasn't there before. This is the same game. Just awesome.

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    Re: Why do you love baseball?

    It's Summer. The weather's good and the game is outside. You can go in your shirtsleeves. There's no time limit. They play until thre are 54 outs made (or 51 if the hom team's ahead). There's no two minute drill or nickel back coverage to worry about. Just a man throwing a ball to a man and that man trying to hit it where they ain't.

    There are 162 of them (games). It's played nearly every night. No waiting a week to avenge a loss or continue a winning streak. You can be down 10 runs and still win.

    I love it.
    "You only have to bat a thousand in two things; flying and heart transplants. Everything else you can go 4-for-5."
    -Beano Cook

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    Re: Why do you love baseball?

    I love baseball because I've played it since I was in kindergarten(now that I just graduated highschool I probably won't continue) and before that I would go to my brother's highschool games.

    I love that it can be such a laid back game, but at the same time there are so many little things going on. That the teams play just about every day. The drama of a 1 run lead in the bottom of the ninth. I love the atmosphere of the ballpark.

    There's a lot to love, and I could write pages more, but I'll keep it short.

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    Re: Why do you love baseball?

    I just love everything about baseball. Screw basketball and football, baseball is America's pastime. I've played the game all of my life up until last year when I graduated from high school. Even now I miss playing and am looking into playing in a softball league. I still love passing ball with my dad, brother, or anyone I can find. The game means so much to me and my family. My dad and his eight brothers and sisters all grew up as Reds fans, and because of that I've been a huge Reds fan and baseball fan since I was old enough to understand what it was. I just love eveything about it, from the crack of the bat to the smell of hotdogs to the look and smell of the green grass. Baseball isn't just a sport, it's life.

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    Re: Why do you love baseball?

    Baseball is one of the rare sports that apease almost all of ur senses.
    The crack of the bat
    Popping of a mit
    Smell of the various items in baseball
    The sight when you walk into GABP
    Joy and anxiety wether ur team wins or loses
    Anticipation of waiting to watch the game
    The feel of buttery leather
    Caluses on your hands from taking swings with a bat
    Ken Griffeys sweet and smooth swing
    The joy my little bro had when we would watch the game, run outside, and turn double plays, catch pop ups, and play wiffle ball just like the bros(I will miss that)
    The chance to win the little league state title
    The number one reason bc i feel the same way about hockey as i do baseball
    Just the little stuff in the game makes me love it.
    I'd kill for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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