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Thread: Offseason trade to legitamize Reds.

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    Offseason trade to legitamize Reds.

    Luis Castillo adn A.J. Burnett

    to the



    Todd Walker, Bruce Chen, and ml pitcher


    Walker is a great guy and a gutty ballplayer, but this team needs a bonafide lead off OB% guy. Castillo can garner a .400 OBA and collect 200 hits a year, while supplying 100+ runs in front of Boone, Dunn, Griffey, and Kearns.

    Burnett adds the legit ACE we need to counter other teams #1's. We had the opportunity to land one (Colon) but failed this year. Burnett is the man. With Gullett, he could be the Cy Young MAN!


    It is a workable deal with some work.

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    Member red-in-la's Avatar
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    Apr 2000
    Santa Paula, CA
    One comment.....why would the FISH do this trade?
    "Is there a problem officers?"

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    Drop Salary.

    Drop Salary.

    With some work means, maybe adding some more prospects.

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    Member Buckeye33's Avatar
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    Columbus OH
    Burnett is more untouchable than Josh Beckett.

    Set your sites on Penny if you want a pitcher from the Fish.

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    Basically, you're asking the Marlins to trade their 2 best players for a decent 2nd basemen, a journeyman pitcher, and an unspecified minor leagure. After we do that deal, we should try to work a Castro/Stinnett for Barry Zito deal, then we'll be set.

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    Apr 2001
    Cincinnati, OH
    Burnett is not going to be traded. Even if he were it would take a hellva lot more than that to get both Castillo and Burnett.

    Marlins fans would have the ownerships head on a stick if they made that deal.

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    breath westofyou's Avatar
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    Oct 2000
    Drop Salary.
    Castillo makes 3.3 this year walker gets a push to 3 next year.

    Not to mention Castillo is a FA at seasons end.

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    Do it! TheBurn's Avatar
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    Apr 2002
    Rincon, PR-Winter Pk, FL
    Where is ramp when we need him? I'd go for any of the three (Penny, Beckett, Burnett) since Castillo will be the "key" !

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    The wino and I know bucksfan's Avatar
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    Aug 2000
    I don't see why in the world the Marlins would do this deal, even if they did sign Castillo. This is VERY lop-sided in the Reds favor, no matter who you include as that last player.

    (better not let ramp see this one )
    "I'm virtually free to do whatever I want, but I try to remember so is everybody else..." - Todd Snider

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    It is just a trade idea. Maybe it would take adding a player like Josh Hall, and Rainer Olmendo.

    But the Marlins will be looking to drop salary.

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    Charlie Brown All-Star IslandRed's Avatar
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    May 2001
    Melbourne, FL
    As WOY said, Castillo's a free agent after this season. If the Marlins want to drop payroll, they just won't try to sign him. He's a free-agent target, not a trade target.

    As for Burnett, he might be arbitration-eligible, I'm not sure if he'd qualify as a "super-two" or not. Even then, put yourself in the Marlins' position and ask yourself, if you're going to trade someone as hot and coveted as Burnett, is that deal the best you could do? Probably not, no matter how many second-tier prospects you throw into it.

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    Pre-tty, pre-tty good!! MWM's Avatar
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    Oct 2001

    Re: Idea.

    Originally posted by J-Rod
    It is just a trade idea. Maybe it would take adding a player like Josh Hall, and Rainer Olmendo.

    or Adam Dunn.

    Burnett is not set to make real money for a few more years. Adding more average prospects does not make it any more attractive. This is right up there with the Vlad proposals the guy (his name is slipping me) was coming up with here last year. If I were one of the 10 fish fans, I would be rolling on the floor right now. This would be akin to the Brewers asking for Dunn and Kearns for Jose Hernandez and Jamey Wright.

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    Feb 2002
    Houston, Texas

    ramp schmap

    Give me a break. This trade is outrageous. I don't care who serves spaghetti to Jeffrey Loria and who is polishing Jeff Torborg's Civic in the parking garage, Burnett and a FA Castillo for anything outside Kearns and #1 prospect is hilarious. So stop the mindless hypothesizing. One of the joys of Reds fandom is that I don't have to be bothered with delusions of granduer...I get to dream up deals for #3/#4 starters and re-tread 5-toolers with the dream that one day Jim Bo will hit the jackpot and we will be back to the Series. And I think that day is on its way...

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    First, Dunn and Kearns are going no where.

    second. It was a trade idea.

    Ok, so sign Luis Castillo in the off season, and trade some bodies for Burnett.

    What would it take? Outside of Dunn and Kearns, cause they are going no where.

    My point is. This team needs an Ace who is a stopper. A guy who makes it very difficult to get swept in a series. A pitcher who can go toe to toe with Schilling or Johnson.

    Colon was available, and he was not going to cost us Kearns or Dunn, so think about that. Bowden could not get the funds for the green light to trade for Colon.

    So, what pitcher besides Burnett is out there that is a young stud, and where a deal is attainable.

    Prior? Nope.
    Pinerio? Nope.
    Oswalt? Nope.


    Besides Colon, and he probably will not be avilable in the offseason. What a waste for the Expos to get him. Better than the Cards or Astros I guess but they could not match up well with Cleveland anyway.

    So, whos out there? Or do you want Bowden to aquire more Villiones?

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    ShadezNation ramp101's Avatar
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    Jul 2002
    Gotham City
    hey guys

    castillo is a free agent so you will have your chance to sign him

    the only marlins pitcher that is a stud that might be traded is brad penny...aj and beckett are untouchable

    the salary we are dropping will be when charles johnson $6mil and preston wilson 3yr/$26mil get traded this offseason, but thanks fr looking out for us

    ps don gullett wouldnt make aj burnett a cy young winner, he may win it next year on his own

    burnett is going nowhere unless dunn is involved....i honestly dont think kearns would do it by himself
    woo woo woo, you know it

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