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Castro is a DREADFUL hitter - career .232/.270/.339. In no way does his perceived defensive prowess make up for such putrid production (putriction?) at the plate.

And EE needs to play every day if he's not hurt. Every. Single. Day. How is he supposed to improve his defense if he knows that his next bad throw might mean a trip to the bench? He's 23 and extremely talented, for cryin' out loud, let him play.
He has played every day and he's still making the same mistakes. That's the point, and the point the front office is making. His name isn't engraved on that lineup card. If he wants to play every day, he has to improve his defense.

You improve defensively, by the way, not by playing every day. You improve defensively by practicing. A lot. He might get four or five chances on a busy night during a game. He needs much more practice than that. That goes for those mental errors and lapses in concentration as well.

Castro may not be a long-term replacement (we know he isn't), but he gives them someone they can use who can make their point for them. They didn't really have that before.

Anyway, all Castro ever does is play hard, play well defensively and do what he can with the bat. He's not a bad guy, his teammates, coaching staff and front office love him. He plays when asked. I really like the guy and think winning teams have guys exactly like that on their bench. There will be spells when they'll play more than at other times for a variety of reasons. I respect them for being prepared and producing when they get the chance. I like Castro a lot.