100 Games on FSN, and 1,500 Commercials in that same time frame
I'm already sick of that song... http://youtube.com/watch?v=joX9SLgA2zc

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JTM

(often simply J.T.M.) is a family-owned, Cincinnati, Ohio-based meat products company, well known to consumers in the Greater Cincinnati area. According to the company's website, J.T.M. products can be found in "most retail stores within a 300-mile radius of Cincinnati." [1] [2] J.T.M. also produces some products for LaRosa's Pizza, and is a major advertiser for the Cincinnati Reds (for example, 1,500 J.T.M. ads are set to air during the 2006 Reds season). [3]

The company's corporate offices and production facilities are located in Harrison, Ohio. In 2006, J.T.M. abandoned the selling of frozen, raw meat in favor of pre-cooked meats. [4]