The problem with calling the Reds system bad is you have to compare it to something. Most of the time these guys don't follow an exact farm system like we do. So they might not know who Johnny Cueto is until he hits Double A and produces well. They also tend to write off Reds pitching prospects because of the past which is fair to say the least. I personally don't see how our farm system isn't around the 10 to 15. We have two guys who might be in the top 10 in the entire minors. That has to account for something. When you look and see the A's system or the Padres and others there is no way they have the talent the Reds have right now. I think top end talent when it is that high has to figure in big time. Also I asked BA where Drew Stubbs would be ranked in they said with his potential and defense alone he would rank anywhere from 45-65. That is four high end prospects. Travis Wood may also figure into the top 100. We will see when the rankings come out. I believe they will have the mid-season rankings either this week coming up or the next week.