Wayne Krivsky covets ex-Twins like Cookie Monster covets Oreos. Joe Mays, Juan Castro, and now Eddie Guardado have been fitted for Reds unis thusfar. Rumor has it Jack Morris and Bert Blyleven have started stretching and playing long-toss.

So who is Wayne's next target? I'm betting it's Mark Redman.

Excuse me..."All-Star" Mark Redman, the lone KC Royal going to Pittsburgh next week.

Redman is ex-Twin whose exceedingly mediocre career (excluding his one good season in the Florida Pitcher's Paradise resort) has pretty much made him the embodiment of the term "Fourth Starter", but whose left-handedness and one good season keep getting him work. He's currently toiling under a relatively cheap ($2 mil or so remaining) one-year contract for the worst organization on the face of the planet.

Is he a good pitcher? No. But he's one of those BTWWH (better than what we have) guys who represents a slight upgrade for many teams.

The guy practically screams "deadline deal," but knowing Wayne K, I think Redman is definitely on the early shopping list. Unfortunately, that ridiculous "All-Star" selection will drive up the price somewhat.

So who does Wayne give up to get Redman?

Do the Royals bite for Justin Germano plus a lower-level prospect?