*mods if this is in the wrong forum, I apologize I'm new here*

Hi, first off I'm new to your wonderful board, and I'll be very mindful seeing how this is a reds board and try not to step on any toes. Secondly thank you for Paul Konerko. Now unto business.

Where does Chris Denorfia fit into the reds plans? Hes an incredibly talented prospect and he reminds me alot of a Kevin Youkilis only better. He appears to me (an outsider) as an ideal leadoff hitter, seeing how he has an great OBP and he chokes up on the bat, and has command of the strike zone. His stance reminds me alot of David Eckstein only not as fidgety. I ask this because after this season the white sox might possibly be in the market for a LF/lead off hitter. Scott Podsednik is getting older and entering his arb years and appears to have lost a step on the base paths and is horrid in LF, and i think Chris Denorfia would be a perfect fit.

Chris appears to be blocked and is getting older he will turn 26 in 6 days. Your outfield looks to be locked up until '08, with Dunn in LF, Griffey in CF, and Kearns in RF. I've read that Dunn has said he will not move to first base, so that doesn't leave Chris an everyday role with the reds in the OF and you already have a lead off hitter in Ryan Freel.

I also understand pitching has been your Achilles' heel, your offense is right there with the white sox. The white sox are deep in pitching at both the mlb and milb level so i was wondering what it would take to acquire Chirs? P Charlie Haeger and/or 1B Casey Rogowski?

thanks in advance for any response.