With having no bullpen and only two starters you can count on and an offense that is prone to team slumps. I say it is time to sale. I know I will take heat for this but every year we look good for the first quarter or half then down we go. We keep thinking we have a good core, maybe if we add one or two pieces to it next year so the Reds don't make any major moves. But what if our core is the Reason for this failure every year? Dunn isn't improving, Kearns seems to be just an avg. player and Jr is always one step from the DL. Think about the Package Bronson could bring with his contract? This could be the Year to move JR like everyone wants. What could Dunn Bring? Kearns who still has enough Hype to make a very good trade. I want to win just as much as the next person but I really don't think this team has got what it takes to win over the long haul.