This is probably a bit of a goofy topic but if you could have one rule in baseball changed what would it be?

Perhaps there is a rule you think is stupid? Maybe it hurts the game? Perhaps it takes away from the integrety of the game. Could be that it makes no sense or disrupts the flow of the game.

Personally, I am torn between the DH and the dropped 3rd strike. The DH is well...the DH. I'm sure that will spur some lively discussion but I am a fan of making the pitchers hit, and having to deal with that in later innings.

The dropped 3rd strike makes little sense to me. Perhaps there is something about it I am missing. I don't think I've ever seen someone make it to 1B by evading the tag from the catcher. Maybe a catcher forgets to tag once in a while, but my guess is that it's rare. It just seems (again to me) to be a pointless exersize.