Hey, I haven't posted often (this is mt first under a new name) but i have enjoyed reading the posts here for the last couple of seasons.
Anyway, i was curious to what happened to Red Storm and Team Clark. I know they stirred up the board with rumors about a big trade with the Marlins that, obviously, never happened. So, are they now in hiding and no longer posting or were they banned for spreading disinformation (or are they still here and I'm hust missing their posts)? I'm not trying to stir anything up I'm just curious. I was as excited as anyone about the possibility of acquiring some of the players that were being mentioned in those trade rumors and therefore, disapointed when it didn't go down. However, I always enjoyed Red Storm and Team Clark's posts and just was just wandering what, if anything, happened.

While we're at it does anyone know if that trade was fore real, who it involved and why it didn't happen (speculation is always welcome).

Go Reds!