for all you guys who are BA subscribers

it's my understanding I can't post BA articles even if it's partials correct me if I'm wrong bc theres a paragraph I'd love to post because it denotes a lot of his character.

In a nutshell the article comments that he was very professional at the game impressing coaches by asking the BP coaches to throw him pitches away so he could work on taking the ball to the other field, got the AAA manager for the world team to hit him extra groundballs at 1B,

"I just treated the day like any other day--I still have to get my work in," Votto said. "It wasn't a day off by any means. It was fun, but it wasn't a day off. I hit some balls out of the park during BP today and I didnít mean to at all."

you have to love that mentality.

He also praises Kriv for taking away the DanO approach and let players work at their strengths, all stuff we've heard before.