I have a quick question for anyone kind enough to answer. I am considering getting DirecTV, something I've thought about doing for a while and recently talked with a local dealer and things sound good enough to go, to where I could have it hooked up this weekend.

The question is, it wasn't until after I finished talking with him that I thought about this -- I recall hearing sometime back that you had to have a special package to receive the FSN affiliates..... now I realize that makes sense if you want to have ALL the FSN channels, but I heard somewhere that even your particular local affiliate can only be found in this package. I hope that's not the case. I won't be able to afford a $100 bill monthly, and am getting something closer to their "basic" package, it's about $50 a month. Am I safe to assume that the local FSN (in our case, FSN Ohio), will be included in this package since ESPN, TNT, USA, Spike, FX and other similar basic cable networks are here?

Thanks a lot in advance, I thought it would help to ask here real quick before committing to buy.