He has shown to have legit power so far this year, he hits in clutch situations, and he would break up Dunner and Griffey as a righty. I think he makes more sense than Edwin or Aurillia...plus he hits for avg, and gives dunn a chance to drive in runs in the 5 spot, and hide his Bavg. Plus he walks and gives Edwin and hatte RBi Opps

1. Rf Denorfia/Freel- never have to change batting order
2. 2B Phillips
3. CF Griffey
4. C Ross
5. LF Dunn
6. 3B Edwin/Aurillia- never have to change the batting order
7. 1B Hatteberg
8. ss Clayton/Castro- never have to change the Batting order

the only time the order gets shuffled is when Ross is out and Cowboy is in...finally some consistency in the batting order. This lineup finally gives us power, speed and Bavg in the right spots. Just a thought....