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No offense, but the objective data is pure bull****.

Any defense metric is not proven enough to be thrown around on this site like gospel. Trust me, I've researched it a ton.

I hate ZR with a deep passion. It's incredibly volatile and based on many factors that can't be conditioned for equally across all boards.
I agree that there is no great way to judge fielding a 100%, but one metric I do like is fielding win shares.

They judge fielding differently for each position since different skills are needed to play each position. For example, when considering how good defensively a catcher is caught stealing is weighed more heavily than passed balls to give a true measure of fielding talent for the player.

It also equalizes opportunities for the fielders like for example, if a team uses left-handed pitchers more often and as a result certain fielders don't get as many chances, that is accounted for.

It's not perfect, but it's pretty good.