Fans always analyze trades in very black and white terms. The look at the players involved, decide which players are better and that's that. Very rarely do people truly analyze how trade affects the overall SITUATION.

I LOVED this trade. I mean, LOVED it.

I don't love it because I think Majewski is superior baseball player to Kearns. Not in the least. But I love it because of what it shows me.

I am a firm believer that it is difficult to impossible to rebuild a losing team with the same players that have been losing for years. I don't want to delve too deeply into the "losing culture" theory, but I do think it has some merit. It's just hard for a new GM/owner to make the necessary changes to the franchise if the main characters remain the same.

Nothing envigorates a franchise more than young, energetic players. Yes, we lost Kearns, but basically, we gained Deno. He's always been there, but for the first time, he is an actual part of this team. I absolutely think you need to include his name EVERY time you talk about this trade.

The relievers we got aren't incredible, but they are both much better than what we've had and much YOUNGER than what we've had. Those should be two bullpen slots that we can rely on for the next few years.

There was always something about Felo I didn't like. I think it was what was between his ears. For a guy that was occasionally brilliant, he had some unreal mental lapses that shouldn't affect a player of his age.

Don't you see the parallel? Both Lopez and Kearns were once SUPERSTARS of the Reds future. Neither was bust by any means. But then again, neither se the world on fire. What you have in Kearns and Lopez are two player sthat have peaked. They can both certainly maintain their current level for many years, but neither is going to be a consistent all-start. All in all, you were looking at two average to above average major leaguers that will probably have one or two years of near all-star level play (Lopez may have already had his career year).

I'm not saying that Kearns and Lopez were "losers" or "cancers" or anything of the sort. But the bottom line is that when you have a puzzle that doesn't look right, you simply MUST try some new pieces.

People have this view of Kearns and Lopez as being these fantastic up and coming youngsters. That ship has sailed. They are what they are.

And what are the Reds now?

IMO, a better TEAM.

Good work Wayne.