Say the Reds had a minor league player that was rotting away on AAA team (ex Delmon Young) and a trade could be made giving this player a promotion to the big leagues. This team could add something lacking (for example pitching) while making room for such a minor league player. Then the national press would love this trade. They would say how this team got better.

Wait a minute..didn't the Reds do this? They added a minor league player by that was leading the IL in hitting. And wan't this player the Reds 2006 minor league player of the year. Denorfia might never be a Delmon Young, but he could be a Austin Kearns!!

Of yeah, saving close to $10 million in salary next year by getting rid of Kearns/Lopez was noted as well. If the Reds kept them they still couldn't start every 5th day on the mound. Money that can be used on a quality free agent arm.