Orioles are currently in 4th place in the AL East, and won't be contending anytime soon with the Yanks, Red Sox, and Blue Jays in the same division. There's been some talk around here about rebuilding, and Kris Benson and Erik Bedard won't be part of that process. Either could be had for a reasonable price, probably more so Benson.

Erik Bedard (2006):
11-6 / 4.02 ERA / 1.34 WHIP

But his last 4 starts:
4-0 / 29.0 IP / 2 ER / 5 BB / 32 K

That's down right dominating, granted it is a VERY small sample size.

Kris Benson (2006):
9-8 / 4.59 ERA / 1.36 WHIP

Not as great as Bedard, but the Orioles would surely pay part of his salary ($8.3 MM) and his performance might improve if he was put in a playoff situation.