My wife and I decided to take our girls down to the game on Sunday. We had our normal seats and we were just going to grab a couple $5 seats for the girls and have them sit with us; there is always one seat open by us and we figured we'd take our chances on there being another open by us too.

We got there in plenty of time for the HoF ceremony on the field and headed to the ticket booth to get our two extras. We were stopped by a couple asking if we needed a few extra seats. They had two complementary tickets that they were not going to use. They were friends with Josh Fogg and he had given them the seats. I thanked them and headed for the gates happy to have saved myself $10.

We get to our seats and are happy to see that there is plenty of room for everyone. That soon turns to gloom when we realize that it's about a hundred gazillion degrees and we've got a long day ahead of us. Momma and the girls give up about the third and head for shade. I soon follow and we decide to see just where these comp tickets are.

My oldest and I go scout the location. Scout is the operable word here because it turns out we have two tickets to the second row of the Scout Seats. We meet the girl who had originally given us the tickets and she points out the bar underneath the stands. I thank her again and immediately set out to get Momma and daughter #2. After a couple of quick ticket shuffles daddy is parked behind home plate in the shade and everyone else is cooling off in the AC watching the game on TV.

The girls come out to sit with me right before the 8th inning rally. We take in the big comeback, watch Guardado get the save, then head down to the field to run the bases. All in all, a great day at the yard!

Browning's first pitch.

May's first pitch.

Seaver's first pitch with JB catching, awesome moment.

Easy E delivering a pitch in the first from our sweltering seats.

The new view after our move.

My girls chill out in the AC behind the Scout Seats.

Dunn's rally-killer (sorry Creeper ) to lead off the 8th.

The girls with their gloves...just in case.

That says it all!