TOmorrow night's series with the mets is gonna be huge imo because of the fact if we can win some of them games I say maybe 2 outta 3 and braves can contiune to beat cards we can actually look at divison maybe instead of wildcard.

We got milton and arroyo going and not sure on the other starter but these games with the mets could be wins if we can find some offense in this series with mets. The mets looked awfully good last night with cubs but you know how the cubs are with their fans throwing trash on field just to prove they want rid of the name toothpick baker.

Get out and support these reds tomorrow night if you can and go to ballpark and cheer them on and lets win this wildcard or divison and shut these people up at espn because some of them guys on their make me sick to my stomach just to listen at them down the reds. The reds are playing better and are showing signs of playing together and also showing the fact they have what it takes to win late in ballgames. The bullpen actually looked good in the series with colorado with the era of both starters and bullpen of 3.12 and thats not bad considering how we struggled in the first night without bray or majewski in the bullpen.

Good luck reds with mets and contiune to win these games that count!!