I am not sure if I am posting this in the correct forum or not, so please bear with me. I am just curious if someone out there can assist me in some information regarding the Louisville, Indianapolis, and Columbus minor league teams and such and their ballparks. Just the general ins and outs of the ballparks like where they are, best seats, best time to get there, how accessible the players are, does it have a minor league feel to it or a 'major' league type feel to it (I have a feeling the Columbus team does have a major feel to it), how easily you can get an autograph from a player of the opposing team, where to get these and where to wait. Also, just any info regarding these places. Looking to go to a game within the next month to all three places (Louisville, Columbus, Indianapolis) and would just like the whole experience all the way from the best seats to having the minor league experience of meeting some of the players. One team I would like to see play is Toledo since Josh Phelps is there and I heard that former Red Dmitri Young is also there as well. So if anybody can help, a PM would be nice as I would like to also ask a few other questions as well if ya don't mind. Hopefully I have put this in the correct place, although I am not totally new here, I am posting quite a bit more than I used to. I am really loving this place and feel more and more like home. So any help here I would greatly appreciate. I think meeting Dmitri would be quite a treat, info on that as a minor leaguer at these three places would be nice as well.