Tonight is A key game imo because its the brewers and you know they have gave us all they want in games so far this year. I for one would like to see ez Pitch a good game tonight and keep us in game and hopefully we can knock around chris capuano. The reds have not been really playing bad or bullpen for that matter its been our defense and I will give you prime example.

1: top 10th yesterday nady hits routine fly ball to right instead of phillips going for ball denorfia comes in thinking he has it and it gets by him and nady moves to 2nd.

2: Then we get reyes out on strikes and then majewski gives up the rbi double to chavez and I think he should of been pulled right then As A defense replacement I say bill bray.

Them Were 2 examples we had a few more bonehead errors thursday as well.

1:2nd and 3rd no outs in 6th and we couldt bring the runs in. bottom 7 we had basesloaded and had them loaded in 6th as well and didt score.

2. bottom of 9th we had denorfia on at 1st I believe and he gets caught stealing and then aurilia walks next at bat and then you shoot your self out a inning there. Its been mental mistakes by this reds team and hopefully we can reverse that trend tonight!!