Once I knew the Brewers/Reds game was under a Rain Delay I switched away from the Extra Innings channel that was airing it. I clicked back about an hour later to see the ticker running at the bottom of the screen saying "The Brewers at Reds game has been Postponed".

OK, end of story. Postponed means cancelled, not delayed; at least it has in all the years I've been watching baseball. So I forgot all about the game.

Imagine my surprise in the wee hours of Friday night when I was checking scores and saw that Cincy had rallied for 3 runs in the 9th to beat the Brewers. First I'm glad the Reds won, then I'm pissed I missed an entire game and an exciting walk-off base hit in the 9th by JR.

Did anybody else get jerked-around by the geniouses at Fox Sports on this one?