The Reds just won, which I'm happy about, but once again I question a couple of Narron's moves. I've tried not to get too upset about his moves and the way he's handled EE, but the poor moves just keep coming. It's really mindboggling to knowledgable Reds fans. Here's a couple more tonight:

#1: Pinch hitting Aurilia for Hatteberg after Hatte was 3 for 4. It just doesn't make sense to take a regular out who is hot for a cold guy on the bench. Pinch hitting is very hard and he knew if RA came in, they would sub for a righty anyways. Save RA for later.

#2: Taking out Dunn AGAIN for defense in a very close game. I could understand taking out Lopez or EE for defense in the 9th, but there's a very small chance Dunn's defense is going to cost the Reds a game late in the game. I think there's a much, much greater chance we'll need his bat again later in the game over the chance of him misplaying a flyball.

Narron has this team winning and finally put a good lineup out there tonight, but once again he's making some serious questionable moves when this team cannot afford it, IMO. I believe these moves will start costing us some very important games that we cannot afford to lose.