Over the next 2 weeks we will have the oppurtunity to really lay a firm hold on a post season birth. We will play the Brewers, Astros, and Braves (both are currently 6 out of the WC chase), and can for all intensive purposes knock them out of the race with a sweep or even a series 2 out of 3 win. We then have the Cards at home for 4, and should have an idea if we are in the division hunt or not. Imo this is the biggest stretch the Reds have had this late in the season since 99. If we come up big here it goes along way in insuring a postseason birth (becuase our schedule is gravy in Sept)........if we tank over the next 2 weeks it goes along way in insuring us another unfullfilled season.

Either way it feels good to be playing meaningfull games heading into August!!! Hope they can stay hot and bury some of our competitors along the way.