First of all, this was the first time I sat in the club seats (won a raffle at work) and they're just wonderful.

I also cannot believe how lucky we got with the weather after a week of 90+ degrees and some thunderstorms - it ended up being a beautiful evening for a game.

On to the game:
Joe Mays obviously stinks.

David Weathers stunk tonight, but the rest of the bullpen came up big.

Bill Hall, Reds-killer, still lives.

The Reds had trouble against the Brewers bullpen after doing well against Bush.

Freel & Hatterberg were terrific, as was Dunn. I was surprised Narron sent up Aurillia for Hatterberg, but Rich made a terrific throw on the double play in the 9th - it would have been easy to hit the runner in the back, so props to him for that play.

Also, Brandon Phillips' catch may have been the best defensive play I've seen in person. It was just a wonderful effort, and to dive & catch a ball over his shoulder like that was terrific. Just an excellent play.

Overall, I still enjoy GAB and am glad I saw another win and so many fine performances by the good guys (trying to focus on the positive )