At the collegiate level, I can understand the idea of a coach losing control. But at the professional level, when even the league minimum players are making big money, and they're grown men and not teenagers, there's not a whole lot a coach can do to "control" these guys. If this is on Marvin, it's because he went and got these guys, not because he's not controlling them and has lost control.

Everyone has weaknesses. Marvin's is that he thinks he can fix the troublemakers. He purposely looks for guys who are undervalue based on off-the-field problems who he thinks he can reform. The problem is that it's difficult to reform a grown man with a lot of money in his pocket.

And it's not like he can just cut these guys. It's not allowed within the rules. The best he can do is wait for camp and make the claim that they're being outplayed by other players and then cut them.