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The above statement is simply not true. Zach was at 91-93 all game. If you were going by the radar on the scoreboard then thats where you are going wrong. Thats been off all year. If you walk down behind the backstop there are always players from both teams scouting pitches. You can ask them what a guy is throwing, and they will tell you. Zach looked tired. He may be hitting wall as this is his frst full season in the minors. He has pitched great. Give him the benefit of the doubt.
I have no doubts the scoreboard radar is not all that reliable, however, last season when Homer was hitting 97-98 I was told that the scoreboard radar was inflated. With a near 3 year old in tow I didn't pay as much attention as I would like to the other team to see if any of their guys were lighting it up at 90+.

He didn't look fresh, I'll give you that.

He has the benefit of the doubt, he is in A ball and has a < 3.00 ERA and a < 1 WHIP.