Ah, the Banana Phone, the good old BP. Rain delays during Reds games would never be the same without it. The average IQ of callers has to be about 70. Take, for example, this call:

Adam from Milwaukee: Hello, Marty. Marty? Marty, this is Adam. (pause) This is Adam from Milwaukee.

Marty Brennaman: Hey Adam, how you doing?

Adam: I'm good, how are you?

Marty: Good.

Adam: Do you think Scott Hatteberg's a good player?

Marty: Yeah. (long pause) Hello?

Adam: Marty? Marty.

Marty: Yes, Adam from Milwaukee.

Adam: Do you think Scott Hatteberg's a good player?

Marty: Do you think he's a good player?

Adam: I think he's overrated.

Marty: Um, who would you rather see play at first base? I can tell you're a big fan.

Adam: I am. Um, maybe, uh, Luke Stowe?

Marty: That would, you think that he'd be an improvement?

Adam: I think so. Defensively.

Steve: He's a little bit young.

Marty: He's a little bit young, isn't he, Adam?

Adam: Uh...no. (long, dumb pause accompanied by laughter in the booth) Is it still raining in Cincinnati?

Marty: It's just about stopped, Adam.

Adam: Do you have your shirt on?

Marty: Last time I checked, I did. Yes, why?

Adam: Just curious.

Marty: Hey, listen, I'm gonna let you go now because I know that you gotta get your game face on because we gotta get ready to go back on the radio and I know you'll be listening to every word.

Adam: I love it. Have a good one, bro!

The funny thing about this conversation is that "Adam from Milwaukee" is actually Adam Dunn sitting in the Reds clubhouse waiting out the rain. I did not catch it while I listened to it live since so many other halfwits had called in. I just assumed this guy was another moron. Dunner has to be a blast to be around. This conversation is hilarious to listen to if you know it is him.