Cory gives Philly a brotherly shove

While some players have struggled with the high expectations and intensity that come with playing in New York, Cory Lidle plans to embrace it - particularly because he says it's a departure from where he used to play.

"I'm the kind of player that goes to the field expecting to win," the former Phillies righthander said in a conference call yesterday. "Unfortunately, over the past few years, I haven't had a clubhouse that expected to win with me. We'd go to the field and it's almost a coin-flip whether the guys behind me are going to play 100% and I know that's not going to be the deal here in New York."

Lidle was dealt to the Yanks along with Bobby Abreu on Sunday and is scheduled to make his first start for the Bombers on Thursday. When he was asked to elaborate, Lidle didn't hesitate.

"I think going to the clubhouse every day with 24 other guys expecting to win is going to help me," he said. " Sometimes there were mixed signals (in Philadelphia). Sometimes it seemed like winning was all that mattered, sometimes it seemed like winning didn't matter of all. That was just kind of a feeling I got."

Lidle believes Abreu will be pleased with the feel of the Yanks, too. "He's the kind of person I think belongs in the Yankee clubhouse," Lidle said. "He got a bad rap from some of the Philly fans around here. Every time I heard that, it made me kind of upset because they don't know him, they don't how important the team is for him. He may not be that guy who sacrifices his body to get to a ball but he's there 162 games a year ready to play. He's going to be consistent year in and year out."