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And as we see so much these days...

Owners & Unions... they are both greedy and selfish IMO. Both sides care more about themselves than they do about THE GAME.

I do not associate the MLB Union with other "labor" Unions relative to the non-Union thing. Who wouldn't take an opportunity to be a big-league player... regardless of the situation?!? I know I would... and I'd guess that 99% of RZ members would do the same. Also hard to feel sympathy for guys who get the things MLB players get ($$millions$$, meal money, etc.) and decide the need for more is worth standing in a picket-line. I'd like to think that the average-Joe sides with the non-Union-type who decides he'd play the game despite the "unworkable conditions" that cause the millionaires to go on strike.

When ballplayers make derogatory comments about a non-Union-type, it makes me side with that non-Union-type. If players want to take the other side on comments made by the non-Union-type that have nothing to do with being in the Union, then no problem (like, "Everyone in this clubhouse tries their best to win despite what Lidle says."). When you can only put the guy down by calling him names like scab, then you've got nothing... like an immature kid on the playground calling other kids names.

They aren't really a union- theya re an association. I don't know what the difference is, other than unions are sanctioned by the federal government, I think.

I always wondered if the regular season was played with scabs; if the regular players would picket (probably not- hard to do from your Florida or Arizona mansion) and upturn the replacement's cars like us real union members might.