I have been so disappointed in the way things have been going lately, I don't even know where to begin! I was watching the game with my folks tonight and when Freel got picked off first after the home plate and 1st base ump talked about it, I told my dad "regardless of whether or not that was the right call, if someone doesn't get thrown out here I am going to be very upset"...and did they? Of course not. I was so pleased to see Hatte fire up the ump after that HORRIFIC strike 3 call in the bottom of that same inning. This team just seems to be sleep walking through games lately. I have never seen such a horrible look from a team that is suppose to be in a race. I don't know if it's because some of them have never been in this situation and they do not know how to react or what the deal is, but it's making me want to punch my t.v. every game!!!! Bad/lazy defense. Bad baserunning. A guy that refuses to take the ball to the opposite field even though there are 7 fielders there if he pulls the ball.

This team needs something to fire them up. Something to spark them back into playing hard. I know it's hot out, I know you're tired and it's been a long year. The team is on the verge of doing something that noone DREAMED of them doing before the season started. You play all year to get into the position that you are in now, PLEASE ACT LIKE YOU CARE. I know there have been bad calls lately that have hurt us, but I am a firm believer that you create bad breaks. Fundamentals are severly lacking on this team. I can think of three games that we've lost in the last week that should've been in the bag. The Cards can't win to save their lives right now and they're still ahead of us, it's sickening!!!!

We can't count on Aaron Harang to come out and win every game. Bronson seems to have 1 horrible inning per start lately. EZ's last two starts were very scary! Milton's last game was wonderful sans the first inning, but he still needs to get better. And for our fifth starter.......I don't think anything needs to be said there!!!

Some/a lot of our managers moves lately have left me scratching my head and trying to figure out what in the world he's doing in there. I am going to start praying he gets thrown out early and Bucky Dent gets to take over in the 2d or 3rd inning!!!

WAKE UP TEAM, WE NEED TO GET GOING!!!!!!!! The NL West is chasing us down in the Wild Card.