Hi All,

I was extremely disappointed today when I came into the forum and saw BernieCarbo had been BANNED. I am a die hard Reds fan, an even bigger fan of Juniors, and didn't agree with most of Bernie's opinions.

So a couple days ago I emailed Bernie to ask just why he disliked Junior so much. Well folks, that email lead to several phone conversations, and I found out that Bernie loves the Reds and Junior as much as I do! He only spoke from the heart, and wished Junior would get well, and be the great player that we all know he was and could be again. He even sent me a spectacular signed picture of Junior, and bragged on him constantly that he was the greatest player that ever lived.

Even after several conversations with Bernie, I am still a loyal Junior fan, but I researched a lot of his views, and you know what people, he had facts to back them up. But because he feels that Junior is not perfect in all ways, that he may not be the perfect choice for the Reds, and he voiced his concerns on this, he gets BANNED while the ones that made fun of him because he didn't take the time to make his post with perfect grammar and punctuation and found anything else they could to ridicule him are still here. Does this seem like a fair and honest forum? The answer to that question to me is NO!!!!

So I'm saying goodbye to this forum, and will go to one where all can voice their views without fear of being banned.

Enjoy your dictatorship CougarQuest!!!!